Academic Training

2008 – 2009  Master’s degree in Information Technologies and Advanced Telematic. Post-graduate program  “Master en Tecnologías de la Información y Telemática Avanzadas”. Computer Science Faculty. University of Murcia. Master Thesis: A proposal of pre-authentication based access control improvement in hybrid vehicular ad-hoc network, September, 2009.

2006 Teaching Certificate.

2005 – 2007 Post-graduate diploma in New Technologies in Information and Communications Engineering in 2007 Computer Science Faculty. University of  Murcia.

2004-2005 Master’s degree  in starting up new Information  and Communication Technologies related companies. EOI Business School.

1998 – 2005 Degree in Computer Science, Telematics intensification. Computer Science Faculty, University of Murcia. M.Th.: “Multimedia Sessions’ Mobility using SIP.

2002 Mobile Internet Course: New services and challenges in ubicuous communication and 3rd generation networks. Universidad del Mar.