Professional Training

2008 – 2011  University of Murcia, collaborating in “MARTA: Advanced Communication Protocols for Vehicular Ad hoc Networks (CEN-2007-2006)” research project .

Participating in VANET communications and security areas. Investigating authentication mechanisms in mobile vehicle environments as well as privacy and secure routing. For this purpose designs, analysis and simulations were achieved obtaining as result papers published in international journals and conferences.

I also contributed to this project developing communication software embedded in vehicles allowing us to carry out not only theoretical experiments but real ones.


2006 – 2008 University of Murcia, collaborating in  “POPEYE: Professional Peer Environment Beyond Edge Computing. IST2006034241” project .

Participating in the security and communication work packages developing and integrating routing solutions in MANET and introducing security mechanisms.


2006 University of Murcia, collaborating in  “SAVIA: Aided Interactive Visits Advanced System” project.

Participating in the development and integration of an audio/video application within a mobile device allowing multimedia streaming in it.

Development of an IP addresses auto-configuration procol for MANET nodes (EMAP).


2005 SAMURAI grant at the Universidad de Murcia (R296/2005).

Mobile services and video applications over UMTS and advanced IMS networks.


2004 – 2005 Business practices in  ITC NUBIS company.

Collaborating in authentication protocol integrating IKE and IPSec security within it. I also participated in security applications for access control using the RFID technology.